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SeBelUm korang BacA Blog Aku Ni....Inilah LagU tema Blog Aku...pasang SpeAker...taK paham Kalu...BacA LiRik ni...NyanYi Sama-Sama....

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A place where I can shout out, (my thoughts)
All the feelings I keep inside, (uh-huh)
I post it all on this site. (oh my god)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Kemahiran / skill penggunaan gear
- what mode to select? manual? aperture priority? shutter priority? auto?
- White balance to use? (Kelvin? auto? tungsten? etc?)
- which ISO to use?
- what mode to shoot? (RAW? JPEG?)
- teknik terpantas menukar setting ketika event berlangsung
- direct flash? bounce? to diffused or not?
- lens apa yang sesuai?
- etc

Kemahiran / skill fotografi yang kukuh
- komposisi
- depth of field (shallow? narrow? big or small aperture?)
- exposure
- rule of third
- rule of thumb
- rule of Sunny 16
- to candid or not?
- apakah angle terbaik?
- etc

Kemahiran komunikasi (PR)
- camna nak berinteraksi dengan client? dengan relative client? dengan tetamu?
- camna nak mengarah?
- camna nak client pose?
- etc

rujukan FDM

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